Autobiography: Bethany is the name, 18 years old, Single. Diabetic, type 1. From Mississippi. LATINAAA. Fully into art.Atheist. aventurer Love to have a good time Collect german antiques. Love my short hair and my eyeliner. I spend most time at work. I love my family and friends. Proud to be, myself.
loves: Make up, hair , tattoos piercings, music, fashion, and much much more..
hates: , liars, cheaters whores sluts and most people in my town.

Blogging since:September 2013
You and me 
Together we’ll be,
Forever you’ll see,
We’ll always be good company,
You and me
Just wait and see ♡
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What the fuck is wrong with my family???

So today my uncle ran out on my aunt for some slut he met on craigslist. My aunt went through his wallet and started a stupid, pointless fight because he had $60 of his own money in it. When was it a crime to have $60 in your wallet!? Oh, and to top it all off, my grandmother has been calling everyone on the fucking planet telling them that she has syphilis and insisted on arguing with me that it was syphilis….no grandma…you’ve got the goddamn SHINGLES. It took three hours to finally make her understand what she has. That’s it. I quit. I’m divorcing my family.

Pop is the best. #fleetwoodmac #tusk #records
I don’t know why these are so amusing. #bagofbones
Can you say “addicting”? #lays #wasabiginger
Smile, be confident, and no matter what, you’ve got this.
Just because “Bon - Bon” by Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite short story. Why not share it with the world? #bonbon #edgarallanpoe #horrorstories #quote

Sooo I’m reading Mein Kampf. This is the most interesting thing I have ever read.

And I couldn’t forget Sailor Moon. #sailormoon
That is one fine Chun-Li. Literally took my breath away. Hahahahahaha. #chunli