Autobiography: Bethany is the name, 18 years old, Single. Diabetic, type 1. From Mississippi. LATINAAA. Fully into art.Atheist. aventurer Love to have a good time Collect german antiques. Love my short hair and my eyeliner. I spend most time at work. I love my family and friends. Proud to be, myself.
loves: Make up, hair , tattoos piercings, music, fashion, and much much more..
hates: , liars, cheaters whores sluts and most people in my town.

Blogging since:September 2013
So I got a lot of lace today..and I got bored. This could be a bad thing. Hahaha.
I believe I speak tiger quite well. Haha. #german #favoritelanguage
"I’m a master of fright, and a demon of light."
#thenightmarebeforechristmas #jackskellington
Normality is merely a state of mind. #stayweird