Autobiography: Bethany is the name, 18 years old, Single. Diabetic, type 1. From Mississippi. LATINAAA. Fully into art.Atheist. aventurer Love to have a good time Collect german antiques. Love my short hair and my eyeliner. I spend most time at work. I love my family and friends. Proud to be, myself.
loves: Make up, hair , tattoos piercings, music, fashion, and much much more..
hates: , liars, cheaters whores sluts and most people in my town.

Blogging since:September 2013

Lazy Sunday. The weekends are so short. Friday nights I have football games, then Saturday is my free day, and Sunday is my lazy/homework day. By the way my super soft and light hoodie that I’m wearing is from Abercrombie & Fitch.

You don’t have it, you don’t know anyone that has it. Don’t tell me that this will cure it, a healthy diet and exercise won’t revive an organ that no longer functions. If those two things worked, I’d be cured by now. #ignorantpeople
He found a new way to watch tv and look at himself. I have one severely conceited cat.