Autobiography: Bethany is the name, 18 years old, Single. Diabetic, type 1. From Mississippi. LATINAAA. Fully into art.Atheist. aventurer Love to have a good time Collect german antiques. Love my short hair and my eyeliner. I spend most time at work. I love my family and friends. Proud to be, myself.
loves: Make up, hair , tattoos piercings, music, fashion, and much much more..
hates: , liars, cheaters whores sluts and most people in my town.

Blogging since:September 2013

Goddess Charm Bracelet ($19) by ShelbyMelissa at HallowedMoon.

The Goddess Charm Bracelet features a beautiful angel aura quartz as the focal point. (…)Aura quartz crystals are made using varying methods and varying minerals. Usually a metal, or a few, are fused to the quartz crystal using heat and a vacuum. Angel aura quartz are said to aid in cleansing the aura, especially the main points along the middle or the chakras. This beautiful stone is commonly linked with the crown chakra. It is also said to help the wearer obtain higher knowledge, remember past lives, and contact that individual’s other worldly guides.

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The Craft (1996)
So..about that news…guess who’s
 moving Friday morning.

Me against myself
My favorite band ♥♥♥ #horrorpops #kisskisskillkill #thelmaandlouise
Oh, you know, it’s always something..